Worldpay Agreement

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While this information is accurate, it doesn`t cover everything you need to consider before closing your account. You should carefully review your merchant agreement to find all the details of closing your account. An important point to remember here is that you cannot close your account over the phone. Worldpay, like most providers, requires you to submit your request in writing. While the company knows full well that this requirement makes closing your account more inconvenient and time-consuming, a written record of your request also protects you. If you find that you are still charged a monthly account fee after you think your account has been closed, you will have a written record of when your request was sent, as well as proof that you have provided all the required information. Unfortunately, we have received far too many complaints from merchants whose problems with Worldpay did not end when they closed their accounts. As mentioned earlier, you may be charged a monthly (and possibly annual) account fee long after you think your account has been closed. The burden is definitely on you to monitor your bank statements and business bank account to enter any of these fees. While it is normal for a fee to be charged within one month of closing your account, all fees beyond that must be brought to the attention of the company immediately. Now that these considerations are over, let`s explore the step-by-step approach you need to follow to close your account successfully: as we pointed out above, closing your merchant account is never an easy process, and providers intentionally make it as difficult as possible to prevent them from switching to a competitor. In this regard, Worldpay is no different from any other traditional provider that relies on long-term contracts to keep traders on the hook for as long as possible. In fact, Worldpay`s willingness to accept a simple written request and confirm the closure of your account via email puts the company slightly ahead of its competitors.

However, you won`t even have these kinds of problems if you sign up with a provider that offers actual monthly billing to all merchants without a long-term contract. Many of our highest-rated providers don`t use long-term contracts or early cancellation fees at all, so closing your account is just a matter of making a phone call or submitting a written request. .