Tax Agent Services Agreement

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c) to provide only the services of tax agents indicated in the order. 1. The Board of Directors may amend a condition subject to your registration as a tax agent or registered BAS agent if: (b) you use or use the services of a company to provide tax agent services on your behalf; and (a) you are a *registered tax advisor and a natural person; and the volume may be, but is not limited to, services, depending on the hourly rates or amounts indicated. (3) Paragraph 1(e)(ii) does not apply if you provide the *tax agent service as a legal department in connection with the activity of a deceased trust or estate as a trustee or *legal personal representative. f. You are also required to inform us if you become aware of a conflict of interest or a potential conflict of interest. In general, a conflict of interest is any event that may prevent us from remaining objective in the provision of our services. (4) During your suspension, you are not considered a tax agent or a registered BAS agent, except for the purposes: (1) You must be registered to provide tax agent services in exchange for a fee or participate in other practices related to the provision of such services. The second part defines the conditions for registration.

c. You must reimburse us for payment of invoices issued by external service providers within 14 days of payment of such invoices by us. 50‑15.. We present to you that you are a registered tax agent or BAS agent, if it is not registered 30 15. Professional fees and payments We sell services – no products, so payment is required for the services provided. For example, if you have made an appointment with one of our employees to have your tax return filed and you are not satisfied with the result and you ask us not to file the tax return, you will still have to pay the service fee. 15.1. Structure of tariffs for fixed-cost services Please consult our website, where the rates for our services are detailed with the time allocated for each type of date. In the event that, due to complexity or advice, additional time is required for the completion of your service, the following hourly rates apply. We provide you with a detailed presentation of business fees, fees and withdrawals once the service is completed.

1. A natural person aged 18 or over is entitled to register as a tax agent or registered BAS agent if the board of directors is satisfied that: (3) Information relating to a company that was a registered tax agent or AGENT of BAS is only valid for a period of twelve months from the date on which the registration of the company as a registered tax agent or BAS agent has ended; in the register. More than one customer: If we act for more than one of you, you irrevocably and unconditionally accept any conflict (if any) that may arise, and you tell us to accept the instructions of one of you as instructions from the other without having to resort to the other. They are jointly and severally liable for all costs, expenses or disbursements incurred. You understand that you may choose to obtain independent advice on this agreement. Thank you for ordering us to take care of the accounting and/or tax requirements on your part or your business. This letter of commitment is an agreement setting out in writing the terms of the commitment with us (hereinafter referred to as „commitment“). Please read it and make sure you understand the extent of our commitment. If the terms of the undertaking are acceptable, please sign this engagement letter and send it back to our office, otherwise you can sign the statement provided on the TCA pricing sheet when you visit the office for an appointment…