Standard Access Agreement

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The purpose of the data access agreement is to define the conditions of access by users to the specified data and to obtain the explicit consent of a user to these conditions before giving him access to the data. When my employment at the university ends or my professional responsibilities no longer require access to the data or the extent of the necessary access changes, I have a common responsibility with the data holder to ensure that my access to the system is revoked or modified appropriately. If my access is not changed in time, I will notify the licensee. Incomplete and inconsistent formal agreements on the general terms and conditions of sale may result in negligence on the part of staff and contractors in the processing and dissemination of sensitive data. Clearly identify the data holder (by name and/or role) and identify the data you want to access. Collect or indicate the user`s name and location and responsibility (based on login) that requires access to the record. Resource holders must establish data access agreements that define the appropriate use of and access to the data covered, as well as procedures for obtaining authorization to waive restrictions. Identification of data sensitivity. The data [record name] in [system name] is classified as UC P1-P4 (ex-UCB PL0-PL3) and data protection has been defined accordingly. I agree to preserve the quality and integrity of the information I access and to protect the privacy of the personal data of any person I access. (Example of a P2/P3 CPU system (formerly UCB PL1) in which users type/edit records:) I acknowledge that UC Berkeley must have strict control over access to personal information containing a person`s name or initials, combined with: Below you will find a template for an independent access agreement. The presentation and sample text are provided as a guide and should be tailored to the specifics of each system/dataset.

Links to other relevant documents, for example.B. Minimum Security Standard for Electronic Information (MSSEI) Minimum Security Standard for Networked Devices (MSSND) Berkeley Data Classification Standard data protection profiles and does not enter such data or other protection level 2 data into the system [system name]. I will obtain the consent of the data holder before giving [system name] data to a person who has not accepted the terms of this access agreement. The data protection in this system is governed by the following laws, directives and regulations:— intended and authorized use of data. I agree to use [system name] only for legitimate business purposes and limit my use to my established business responsibilities. Notification to users of MSSEI security requirements for individual devices: [system name] data cannot be created without the prior permission of the data holder and the registration and authorization of the secondary memory/system with the IOC office. I agree with the terms of this data access agreement. .