Unicredit Amundi Distribution Agreement

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Media: Tel. `39 02 88623569; E-mail: MediaRelations@unicredit.eu Following the exclusive negotiation announced on 5 December 2016, UniCredit announces that it has successfully signed a binding agreement with Amundi for the sale of Pioneer: the purchase price paid by Amundi is 3,545 million euros and UniCredit also receives an exceptional dividend of 315 million euros before the transaction to be distributed by Pioneer. The acquisition allowed Amundi to expand its distribution network in Italy, Germany and Austria, where Pioneer Investments already had a well-established presence, while expanding its investment management expertise. [1] Italy has become Amundi`s second largest market after France. In the United States, the name „Pioneer“ was retained and merged with Amundi to create a new brand, „Amundi Pioneer“. As part of the transaction, Amundi will enter into a long-term partnership with UniCredit for the distribution of asset management products. Go to www.amundi.com for more information or to find an Amundi office near you. A presentation is available on Amundi`s website about.amundi.com This press release and the information contained in it does not constitute an offer to sell or purchase securities, nor is it an invitation to sell or purchase securities Amundi.No communication or information on the planned capital increase to the public in all countries where registration or authorization is required. In a jurisdiction outside France where such measures would be necessary, no action has been (or will be) taken. The subscription or purchase of Amundi securities may be subject to legal or legal restrictions in some jurisdictions.

Amundi is not responsible for a person`s violation of such restrictions. The release of this press release in some legal systems may be limited by law. This press release does not constitute an offer to sell securities. Pioneer is a global leader in asset management with a presence in 27 countries and an experienced team of approximately 1,900 employees. Pioneer is internationally known as one of the leaders in fixed income on all strategies and offers strong skills in multi-asset, European, U.S. and global equities. As of September 30, 2016, Pioneer manages 222 billion euros[5] of assets distributed equitably between the distribution through UniCredit on the one hand (approximately 5,350 subsidiaries in Italy, Austria, Germany and CEE) and intermediate and institutional clients in the world on the other. In 2015, Pioneer generated net sales of 875 million euros, EBITDA of 327 million euros and a normal profit of 227[6] million euros. With the partnership with UniCredit, which is guaranteed by a 10-year distribution agreement for Italy, Germany and Austria, the merged entity will be number one in France and among the top three in Italy and Austria.

Pioneer Investments is a global leader in asset management with a presence in 28 countries and an experienced team of more than 2,000 employees, including more than 350 investment professionals. Pioneer Investments is internationally known as one of the leading fixed income managers in all strategies and offers strong expertise in European, U.S. and global equities, as well as multi-asset and results-oriented products, non-traditional products. Pioneer Investments manages 222 billion euros of assets divided equally between self-distribution via UniCredit, on the one hand, and intermediary and institutional clients around the world, on the other. – Enjoy a leading U.S. platform in terms of management and distribution. On 26 January 2009, an interim agreement was signed between the two parties, which signed a final agreement on 9 July 2009 stipulating that Crédit Agricole will own 75% of the new company and that Société Générale will retain 25%, chaired by Yves Perrier, then CEO of CAAM.