Sheffield City Region Devolution Agreement

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„Prioritize regional routes through the east stage of HS2,“ say government advisers in the rail report, which Dave Smith, Sheffield City region`s chief executive, will deliver a keynote address at the Sheffield City Region Development Conference on Friday, giving details of the massive announcement and what it means for the future vision of the Sheffield City region. You can register for the event here: it also guarantees decentralized transport powers and funding; the total decentralization of the adult education and training budget, of approximately $35 million per year, for universities and training providers; Increased planning capacity and powers for housing and economic growth; and stronger control over how and where the means are directed. Subject to the conclusion of the South Yorkshire Development Agreement, the Government has agreed to advance discussions on the role and functions of a committee of heads of state and government from across Yorkshire. All South Yorkshire councils will have the opportunity, subject to the conclusion of a parliamentary process, to join a wider decentralisation scheme in Yorkshire if they so choose. A public consultation in the spring showed that the people of South Yorkshire overwhelmingly supported decentralisation. Almost 90% (590 of the 675 respondents) said they supported the principle of decentralising The additional powers of Westminster. There has been strong support for providing local decision-makers with the tools they need to meet local needs and solve local problems, the increase in local autonomy, power and control. The letter from the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Robert Jenrick, allows us to pursue our objectives for decentralisation of One Yorkshire, while having access to the resources, resources and powers initially promised by the SCR Agreement, providing considerable opportunities and investment in Doncaster and South Yorkshire. The funds will be made available to the four South Yorkshire authorities and not the nine original authorities and will continue until the more comprehensive decentralisation agreements are concluded. To learn more about the decentralisation positions in Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham, Sheffield Councils, you will find below: „Decentralisation is essentially about making people more control over the things that affect our lives, such as buses and transportation, jobs, skills and training, so that we can make them work better for our places and communities. The decentralisation contract in the Sheffield City area was first signed in 2015 as part of an agreement reached by then-Chancellor George Osborne and the leaders of sheffield, Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham councils. Earlier this month, Yorkshire leaders acknowledged that a stronger approach may be needed to achieve this by creating a Yorkshire committee (as proposed by the Prime Minister).

This committee would provide strategic coordination across the region, supported by a series of interim funding agreements at the sub-regional level. Mr Clarke, Minister for Local Government, said: „We have an ambitious programme to achieve decentralisation across Yorkshire and this agreement is an important step in that direction.