Nvidia Partner Agreement

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Our partner Locator helps you find experienced professional partners. NVIDIA focuses on sales growth and accelerating the growth of our partners. „We are pleased to extend our cooperation with ASBIS and delegate a number of responsible skills to a dynamically developing company with a wide network of representations. Participation in the NPN offers our partner a wide range of benefits and rewards that, in turn, help us grow, expand our physical structure around the world, increase revenues and thus grow technologically, and offer customers around the world the most advanced innovative solutions with a great future. “ says Michael Liebenthron, NVIDIA Partner Business Manager. The partner invests in a deeper relationship with NVIDIA. These partners achieve training, income and other goals and are rewarded with special benefits. The program was considered an anti-consumer practice because partner companies were required to remove their gambling brand from all non-Nvidia graphics cards,[11] which clumped on consumer choice. In response to these restrictions, producers reportedly began publishing new brands for competing AMD Radeon products. [12] For his part, Nvidia says he would never have wanted an exclusive relationship with the manufacturer, which would have been free to „continue to have the ability to sell and promote someone`s products.“ It`s a great way to hide the fact that tying a company`s gaming brand to Nvidia GeForce cards is almost as good as an exclusive deal, at least when it comes to marketing budgets and priorities. In her blog post announcing the end of the GPP, Nvidia writes a plaintive note about „rumours, assumptions and untruths,“ although she never goes on to elaborate or give details. In early March, Nvidia introduced a new geforce partner initiative (GPP) that would „help players know what they`re buying,“ but was essentially about Nvidia`s pushing powerful hardware partners and resellers to align their gaming brands exclusively with GeForce equipment.

Only two months of widespread discontent later, Nvidia is now unplugging the partnership program, as AnandTech first reported. Partners who have an educational services organization that wish to formalize or expand their training and certification offer. Our partners play a crucial role in our market strategy and this program will help you achieve your success and growth in this exciting market. Asbis Group participates in NVIDIA`s partner network, which involves mutually beneficial collaboration in the development of visual graphics, high-performance computing and AI in future markets. The main advantage of ASBIS is to become an official representative of NVIDIA at the local level to sell and support NVIDIA products and perform other related functions. In addition, through the signing of the agreement, ASBIS Group has access to the vast resources of NVIDIA hardware, including: NVIDIA is dedicated to our partners and believes that a strong partnership is the basis for mutual success.