Microsoft Office 365 License Agreement Keeps Popping Up

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My company has Office 365, an E3 agreement. All of our customers run Office ProPlus 2013 (the provision of Office 365). We completed our deployment either at the end of February or at the beginning of March of this year. Recently we have had an unusual amount of turnover/new recruitment/department moves. I would say that last month we left the company 4 people, 3 new employees and someone who changes service. In most of these situations, the machine was not cleaned and freshly launched, simply because the new people/transfer basically replaced the people who were walking. For this reason, the installation at office 365 on these machines was initially activated under the accounts of the person who left. In the last two days, we have had problems with these people who have opened a desktop application, and it is said that it could not be activated. If we try to re-enter the login information (we use Dirsync, without ADFS), it is said that there was a problem with the account. We have to end up doing an onilne repair that takes time and is very uncomfortable to restart it. Can anyone shed some light on what`s going on here? I would agree that if you delete the user, it would remove the license, but if you just disable the account, I`m not sure. Can you explain it to me? „Normally, registration with the username and Office 365 password will be activated on this account“?? You mean sign up for the desktop app? Like a Switch account? The process I followed with an employee leaving the company made this mailbox a mailbox released for future references for a year.

After sharing it, I remove the license. For now, we are just doing dirsync. By testing ADFS and Centrify for a single character on agent all my test systems with office365 pro more always require me to „check“ who I was, so I had to enter my office365 login information several times a day, even though I wasn`t disconnected. That`s why we simply chose DirSync. Note: The content of the license agreement has not changed. I can no longer access Word, Excel, etc. with my personal subscription MS 365, which will be renewed in July. A „Accept the license agreement“ for MS 365 for Business always comes back and asks me to accept it. I don`t want an MS 365 for business.

We found that a recent feature update changed the location of the end-user license agreement (JAL) acceptance information and allowed users to receive a pop-up message asking them to accept the user agreement. We have initiated the recovery process for this update to reduce its impact. My company has a lot of tricks and new settings, so I very often change users connected to the pro office anymore and I don`t have any customer page issues that haven`t solved these two steps.