Wagon Lease Agreement

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Specific factors that could lead to a divergence in actual results from expectations include (1) general economic, market, regulatory and political conditions affecting the rail, marine and other industries served by GATX and its customers; (2) competitive factors in GATX`s primary markets, including rental prices and asset availability; (3) rents, usage levels and operating costs in GATX`s core operating segments; (4) capital market conditions or changes to GATX`s credit and financing costs; (5) risks associated with compliance or modification of laws, rules and rules applicable to GATX and its rail, marine and other assets; (6) costs associated with maintenance initiatives; (7) operational and financial risks associated with long-term commitments to the acquisition of railcars; (8) changes to the loss provision within the GATX portfolio; (9) conditions for certain assets, clients or regions in which GATX has a significant investment; (10) depreciated asset charges that may result from changes in market conditions or portfolio management decisions implemented by GATX; (11) remarketing revenue opportunities; (12) working relationships with unions representing GATX workers; and (13) the result of pending litigation or a threat of litigation. Ajay S. Mittal, Group Chairman and Managing Director of Arshiya International Ltd, commented on the lease, adding: „This is a strategic partnership for Arshiya. GATX has a strong heritage in rail equipment leasing, and we are confident that this relationship will help us improve the value of our customers. Residual value The market value estimated at the end of the lease. Information about investors, businesses, finances, historical and financial press releases can be found at www.gatx.com. Fair Market Value Lease A lease agreement that allows: The leases offered by Wagon Leasing include either PUT (the TRAC call option) or the fairmarket value. Wagon Leasing will consider a relocation at the customer`s request. CHICAGO-(BUSINESS WIRE) –GATX India Private Limited („GIPL“), a subsidiary of GATX Corporation (NYSE:GMT), today announced its entry into the Indian market with the purchase of ten new rakes, each consisting of 45 container flat carts.