Tumblr User Agreement

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LinkedIn recognizes that users own the information they send and use user information to improve visibility. You also do what else you like with your content, for example.B. publish or delete, and users have already agreed. They do what they want with the content. But it`s up to you. Creating content. When a license application allows a user to post content (i.e. generate hosted material on Tumblr services): (i) the app of the taker acquires the user`s affirmative permission to post such content; (ii) the license application will immediately make this content available to Tumblr services; (iii) the app provides the user with a clear and important disclosure in which they specify how you can use that content separately from the transmission of that content to Tumblr services and claim the necessary licenses to use that content in the manner disclosed; (iv) the use of the content must be consistent with the provisions of the „Restrictions“ section; (v) You need to access the user via the URL to Tumblr policies; and (vi) You can provide Tumblr with an app ID that Tumblr can display in conjunction with the content. If your app allows people to post on Tumblr, you need to get their consent, be open with them about their rights and obligations regarding their content, and make that content available to Tumblr. Cherp.Chat and all connected employees are not responsible for the content of all users.

All rules that are in good faith both in functionality and protection of the user base and cherp. Personal chat was not held responsible if the rules of the agreement were violated under the mandatory user agreement. In taking the agreement, the user of the site agrees that they have read the rules and regulations, as well as he understands. If there are concerns, they have already raised their concerns with staff. Starting at 16.09.2020, registering on an existing account or creating an account is a binding agreement of the user, which he has made and understands: Tumblr has become famous for the socially advanced views of its users. [49] [50] In 2011, the service was the most popular, with half of Tumblr`s visitor base under the age of 25. [51] In April 2013, the site received more than 13 billion views from global views. [52] User activity, measured by the number of blog posts per day, peaked at more than 100 million in early 2014 and dropped to about 30 million by October 2018 over the next three years. [53] The only part that irritates me is legal jargon. I have the impression that there should be two versions of an agreement – the legal version and the taie. I think I should say it in a more beautiful way: legal and simple. Otherwise, we`ll end up with quality phrases like this: „For example, because of the reblogging.“ It`s Miss South Carolina.

Cherp.Chat reserves the right to refuse disciplinary action on a case-by-case basis and no disciplinary action is required. The user also agrees that if faced with evidence that is considered truthful for their knowledge, Cherp.Chat holds the right to handle the penalties. This is included, but not limited to; For some reason, log into another user`s account, unlock private chat information on separate websites and try to find users off the site for some reason.