Peguis Treaty Land Entitlement Agreement

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According to a November 1983 demographic analysis by the Treaty and the Aboriginal Rights Research Centre for the First Nation, the First Nation`s initial population was 1875 people, which led the First Nation to 60,000 hectares of reserve land (1875 people x 32 Acres or 93.75 square miles) at the time of the first survey in 1873. However, preliminary investigations conducted by Canada in August 1999 revealed an LET of 47,552 hectares. The acreage received in the contract as a St. Peter`s reserve is deducted from the final amount of the TLE set during the negotiations. Senator Raine: I am learning; It`s a subject I don`t know. As I understand it, we still have outstanding commitments, which we have signed up to by decrying a number of hectares that are due. I find it surprising that it says that you can buy the hectares, but only at a certain price. It is not surprising, I suppose, that people who have land for sale in the area are raising their prices and now you cannot buy it. It`s a ridiculous situation. (a) ensure that appropriate personnel are in place to fully and effectively discharge Peguis` obligations under this agreement; (b) to provide Canada and Manitoba with the necessary information and equipment to facilitate compliance with the terms of this agreement, which are not prohibited by law; c) complete the soil selection study; (d) physically check the land to be chosen or acquired; (e) select or acquire land in accordance with the principles, up to its total amount; (f) to negotiate and enter into legal agreements for the acquisition of other lands to be acquired; (g) expedite the timely preparation of the transfer of ownership to another country acquired in Canada, after notification from Canada; (h) identify and resolve the interests of third parties; (i) negotiate a development and communal services agreement with a municipality if necessary, if land has been selected or acquired in a commune; (j) continuously develop Peguis staff to the requirements of this agreement to promote and promote a positive and productive working relationship between and between its staff, Canada and Manitoba; (k) report to members in a timely manner on the implementation of this agreement; and I) to participate, as necessary, in the Peguis Enforcement Committee and dispute resolution procedures.“ Meanwhile, the provincial government will hold on to its guns and say that deadlines are coming. I do not know if we would meet the timetable for the selection and acquisition of La Kronland. Unfortunately, with no other choice, we are taking other steps to resolve this situation through legal action. This is another example where Canada can lead its ATR land selection policy and put in place a clear and responsible consultation and accommodation procedure as recognized by the courts.

The first village of TLE in Manitoba was reached in March 1994 with the four Duke First Nations Islands (Wasagamack, Red Sucker Lake, Garden Hill and St. Theresa Point). The transaction contract included 100,000 hectares of crown of land in reserve and payment of $9 million plus payments.