Interprovincial Hospital Billing Agreements

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It is mandatory for physicians to apply for prior authorization from New Brunswick Medicare before referring an a-province patient for addiction or psychiatric treatment, unless the treatment is performed in a general hospital. Permission must be obtained through the province`s addiction services or the Public Prosecutor`s Office of Mental Health. If you need insurance elsewhere in Canada, New Brunswick Medicare pays the standard rate. However, some insured hospital services may be billed directly to you. These claims can be filed for payment with New Brunswick Medicare, but the refund is not guaranteed. Under the Canada Health Act, the necessary medical care is generally covered when travelling within Canada. In other words, if you get sick or have an accident in another province, your hospital and medical services will probably be covered. However, additional services such as an ambulance, hospital transfer or transportation to your home province are not covered. If you have access to private group insurance (z.B through your employer), make sure you are insured through your plan.

If you want to avoid paying for these benefits out of your own pocket, you may want to consider purchasing health insurance through a private insurance company. Please note that you must provide a valid Medicare New Brunswick card to obtain medical and hospital services in other Canadian provinces or regions. If you need medical insurance across Canada, with the exception of Quebec, simply present your valid New Brunswick Medicare card to your doctor. New Brunswick has agreements with all Canadian provinces and territories, with the exception of Quebec, that allow physicians to bill their own health plan to provide insured medical services to New Brunswicker. Since Quebec has not signed the inter-provincial billing contract, you will probably be billed in advance for all medical benefits you receive there. In most cases, you can apply for a refund with your own Department of Health when you return home. Keep in mind that your provincial department may need specific documents such as receipts for services. For more information, please contact your home province. Because the cost of medical services varies from province to province, you may have to pay the difference in fees. Although Quebec does not participate in the inter-provincial billing agreement, Quebec City residents who become ill during a visit to another province will likely be insured for hospital and medical services.

However, a doctor may require you to pay in advance for care. It is your responsibility to deposit your receipts with the Board after returning to Quebec City, at that time, the Board reimburses the services corresponding to Quebec rates. However, physicians in other provinces or territories may charge a New Brunswick resident for benefits that are excluded from the agreements, such as genetic testing and procedures still under experimentation or development. These claims can be filed for payment with New Brunswick Medicare, but the refund is not guaranteed. Travel and accommodation costs are not paid by New Brunswick Medicare for abl.a.a. . You should have your national health card with you at all times when you travel – you have to pass it on. Your health card is proof that you are insured according to a provincial plan.

If you do not show your card, the medical office may ask you to pay in advance for the benefits. In this case, you can still be compensated by your province of residence. Don`t forget to keep an original copy of the receipt and proof of payment if your province requests it. All provinces and territories have their own requirements; In some cases, you may need to fill out supporting documents. In the province of Quebec, the doctor can charge the patient directly or charge Medicare in New Brunswick. If you receive an invoice from a Doctor in Quebec, apply to New Brunswick Medicare.