Cintas Standard Rental Service Agreement

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E-mail: Phone: 800-795-7368 For years, Cintas Corporation has been working with the public sector to provide cleaning products, near-service supplies and a variety of cleaning products and services. Our collaborative purchasing strategy with Cintas helps your agency reduce costs and save you time and resources. With OMNIA Partners, there are no extra fees, so you don`t have to make hidden fees. Cintas strives to provide services that ensure that your facility is properly equipped with a large number of necessary toilet needs. (B) If you become a registered user, you will provide accurate, accurate and complete recording information and, if that information changes, you will immediately update the relevant registration information. While registering, create a username and password (a „membership“). You are solely responsible for maintaining and respecting the confidentiality of your affiliation. You are solely responsible for the activities that take place as part of your membership, whether or not you have authorized the activity. You agree to contact us immediately through if you are aware of a security breach or unauthorized use of your affiliation.

Only Cintas can provide Carhartt workwear in a simple and affordable rental program. (D) These terms of use (including the Privacy Policy and all additional conditions included by reference) constitute the full approval of the parties as to the purpose of this Agreement and replace all previous written or oral agreements between us on this matter. Cintas is proud to work with Chef Works to provide a reliable, affordable and first-class rental program. In most cases, if Cintas doesn`t do what he promised, it will cause you to lose the contract as long as you give them a 30-day written message. Most agreements also allow you to terminate the contract for any other reason with a 30-day written notification and full payment until the termination date. The exact cancellation rules and payment terms are in the terms and conditions you negotiated before the contract was signed. (iv) advertising goods or services or recruiting funds; Our quest for continuous improvement includes our unwavering commitment to security, and many industry leaders challenge us as experts in this arena. All Cintas organizations meet internationally recognized safety standards and are expected to comply with them on a daily basis. Help your employees, contractors and workstations ™ with a variety of products and services that meet your needs. Relive your floors for their original beauty with our tiling and carpet cleaning service.

Deep cleaning with heat, pressure and extraction eliminates more dry soils than any other method. The worst way to break the agreement is to stop paying your monthly bill. It can cancel the agreement, but it is also an offence on your part. Since most contracts contain a liquidation clause, you are responsible for the agreed amount.