Beef Supply Agreement

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„Some people like and some hate contracts, but it goes back to security of supply“ Steve McLean, Marks and Spencer Head of Agriculture We are an integrated contract farming operation, dedicated to producing consistently high quality British beef. Through a series of initiatives, we work closely with our farmers to help them raise and administer cattle to achieve a high level of specification for quality markets. Our proven business model helps farmers reduce unnecessary costs and optimize their performance. Part of that process could be the introduction of contracts, with the retailer considering introducing its milk supply group structure in the beef and lamb sectors, he said. All the supply chains we operate are designed to produce meat to meet the requirements of our customers. The Blade system provides comprehensive management, technology and physiology support, and blade manufacturers recognize the value of this support that keeps them at the forefront of the industry. We now have more than 20,000 head of cattle on our farm, making us one of the largest beef farms in the UK, and the demand for beef produced by the Blade system is increasing as producers and customers recognize the usefulness of beef produced to a specification set in today`s increasingly demanding consumer market. As key players in the food supply chain, we strive to ensure the complete traceability of our products. Speaking at a meeting at the NFU conference on Tuesday (February 24th), McLean said it was essential to reach agreements with manufacturers to eliminate supply chain risks. Steve McLean, head of agriculture for Marks and Spencer, said security of supply was a concern of the retailer and that the structure of the supply chain needed to change to help producers better manage volatility.

„More and more retailers want to offer contracts, driven by the desire to block the offer,“ he said. Contracts for the sale of beef and lamb for the supply of meat products and retailers could continue to spread in order to ensure supply and remove some volatility from the red meat market. „We are in a process with our meat suppliers,“ he told delegates. „Some people like and some hate contracts, but it comes down to security of supply. To learn more about this subject: a fairer supply chain must encourage farmers` investment „It`s not easy, because there are problems on both sides that are stumbling blocks.“ But being able to plan ahead means that we will have commitments to meet,“ he added. There is nervousness and it takes a leap of faith on both sides, but we can look at the fine print to make sure they are effective. Sercombe said risk management in a volatile environment is key, which could help farmers do better. Visit our expertise centre for the Land Practice Council But if contracts have been made, Mr. McLean said farmers should remember that they are one-way.