Agreement With Wet`suwet`en

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In the year following the first signing, it is expected that a final agreement will be specifically linked to how land rights and titles will be associated with those of the Crown. Neither Bennett nor Fraser`s departments were available on Tuesday to take a position on the draft agreement or the accusations of elected heads of state and government. The three-way agreement also notes a rare decision by the federal and provincial governments to negotiate directly by bypassing an expensive and difficult contractual process, which typically takes decades through different levels of negotiation. A virtual meeting on 7 May between hereditary chiefs and elected leaders, which criticized them as insufficient, came with the promise of hereditary chiefs that a negotiator would then be available to answer other questions. Chiefs say the offer was never accepted. „There will be a strong process of collective engagement, and I know that the Wet`suwet`es are engaged in some of the internal dialogues they are conducting within the nation,“ he said. The agreement outlines an ambitious plan and timetable. In order to reach the proposed agreements, the next steps must be carefully designed to identify and resolve difficult issues related to engagement and decision-making. The stakes are high and many interests are involved. The involvement of legacy leaders, elected leaders and membership in wet`suwet`s will be important for a successful outcome, but will be a challenge. However, the CEOs, in their letter on Monday, assure elected leaders that all wet`suwet`s members will be involved in future negotiations after the original agreement is signed. Wet`suwet`en`s heirs released the full draft agreement reached earlier this year with the federal and B.C governments, confirming that it will lay the groundwork for future negotiations on land rights and first nation title.

According to Naziel, at least one clan had voted against ratification of the agreement before face-to-face meetings were interrupted, while another was „on the brink of no.“ The separation between the elected leadership and the hereditary leadership of the Wet`suwet`en and among the people of Wet`suwet`s took place in the widely known dispute over the Coastal GasLink (CGL) pipeline. CGL supports its project under the elected leadership of Wet`suwet`s for groups whose reserves are along the pipeline route, but CGL faces challenges among the region`s heirs. Unist`ot`en, which links it to the Dark House group – one of the 13 Wet`suwet`en Houses – tried to stop the construction of the pipeline through protests and blockades. The feud drew attention to the question of who has authority over the traditional territory of Wet`suwet`s. Nathan Cullen, a former New Democrat congressman who acted as an intermediary between governments and leaders, said the deal should be signed Thursday. On May 14, 2020, British Columbia, Canada and Business Leaders signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) establishing a process for the „three equal governments“ to negotiate agreements on the implementation of the title and wet`suwet`en rights. During the upcoming negotiations, which were outlined in the agreement, the Business Leaders proposed to cooperate with the Chiefs and the Elected Councils and to commit the membership of Wet`suwet`en. While the form and nature of this commitment are for most issues of internal governance that must be reconciled by wet`suwet`s, these issues also have a broader impact on how the Crown will deal with and ensure its commitments of reconciliation to citizens.