Access Agreement Form

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The use of a single framework (in this case pre-tender) has the following advantages: The Council having already signed an access agreement with Scape, it cannot use any of the framework agreements without further procedure. The appropriate regulation, ProRail, contains, in item 3.4 of the schedule 6 operating conditions, other provisions relating to emergency recovery and repairs of rolling stock on the main rail infrastructure and wishes to include them in the access agreement. Specific restrictions on the use of these sections are indicated in the infrastructure register. Regulations to be agreed: in concluding the access contract, the railway company undertakes to comply with environmental notifications and approvals in the event of use by fire and to refrain from any act that could lead to a violation of the rules in force. We propose that WestNet adopt the definition currently proposed in Alcoa`s proposed access agreement. And on the A1 1.1 (h) condition of the network code, the ranking is as follows: (1) the network code, then (2) the access agreement.